First Grade

Beth Lottridge

First Grade Aide/Librarian

Lindsay Wackowski

First Grade

At SEAS, the fabulous world of first grade is an exciting time for students to dive into building solid reading skills. Everyday students learn new vocabulary words and important grammar skills, which helps them begin to develop their writing. In a structured and creative environment, students learn about many of the wonderful places all around the world through the study of maps. First graders become marvelous mathematicians as they develop their basic math skills. First grade opens many new doors of discovery for the children.

First Grade Experience Highlights

  • UAA Planetarium Field Trip
  • Student-Led Science Experiments
  • Flat Stanley

Curriculum Overview

Language Arts

  • Phonics and Sight Words
  • Vocabulary Development
  • D’Nealian Handwriting
  • Creating Writing


  • Addition and Substraction Facts
  • Graphing
  • Place Value
  • Creating Writing
  • Money, Time, Measurements, Shapes, Fractions
  • Problem Solving SkillsProblem Solving Skills


  • Introduction to Life Sciences Including Animals and Habitats
  • Earth Sciences Including Weather and Astronomy
  • Physical Sciences Including States of Matter and Energy

Social Studies

  • Geography of the United States
  • Map Reading
  • Famous Americans
  • American Monuments
  • Current Events


  • Religion - 5x per week
  • Music - 1x per week
  • Spanish - 2x per week
  • Library - 1x per week
  • Computer - 1x per week
  • P.E. - 2x per week

First Grade Photo Gallery