Dress Code

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Shirts – Navy Blue, White, Red
Sweaters – Navy Blue, White, Red
Vests – Navy Blue, White, Red
Pants – Navy Blue
Skirts – Navy Blue, School Plaid
Jumpers  – Navy Blue, School Plaid
Skorts  – Navy Blue, School Plaid
Ties  – Navy Blue, School Plaid
Blazers – Navy Blue

Shirts Shirts may be short or long sleeves with a collar. Polo, Button Down, Peter Pan, Turtleneck styles are acceptable. No denim or 3/4 length sleeves. All shirts shall fit properly. If untucked, shirts shall be no longer than waist length. If shirt has a tail, it must be tucked in.

Pants Twill, blends, corduroy material is acceptable. Pants must be ankle length and fit properly and be hemmed. No knit or denim fabric. No sweat, carpenter, cargo, flannel, windpants, Zip-off or overalls/jumpsuits. Leggings may not be worn as pants.

Skirts, Skorts and Jumpers: Skirts, skorts and jumpers shall be knee length when standing up. School plaid is hunter green/navy plaid.

Shorts: Shorts are not permitted unless worn underneath a skirt or jumper. Shorts are not to be visible when standing. Shorts must be solid navy color.

Only the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton school logo/emblem is allowed on any clothing. There are to be no other logos, words, pictures, advertisements, appliques, emblems, or embroidery on any articles of clothing

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton sweatshirts may be worn on Fridays ONLY. Khaki pants are not allowed on any days.

Sources: Student uniform clothing can be purchased at a variety of stores. Sears/Land’s End, GAP, Gymboree, and JC Penney are Anchorage retail options. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton School “Kids Closet” offers lightly used uniform pieces at nominal cost.

Socks, tights, leggings: Socks or tights are required with shoes. They must be solid white or navy. Solid navy leggings may be worn under skirts and jumpers.

Belts: Must be solid, dark color.

Shoes: Plain colored tie, Velcro or buckled shoes are allowed. Not allowed: shoes with lights or musical features, brightly colored shoes, platforms, sandals, open toe shoes, crocs, heels more than 1 inch, or wheels of any kind. Appropriate snow or rain boots should be worn for outdoor play. Boots are not allowed to be worn in the classroom.

Jewelry & Makeup: Wrist watches, necklaces and one pair of non-dangle earrings are allowed. No make-up, body glitter or visible tattoos. Only clear or pale nail polish is allowed. Lip balm is allowed.

Hair: Shall be neat, clean, well groomed, and not interfere with schoolwork. No hats or bandanas shall be worn inside. Hair accessories must be navy blue, classic red, white or school plaid. No hair pieces or extensions are allowed. Hair should be a natural, non-distracting color.  No unnatural hair color (pink, blue, purple, red, green, etc.). No mohawks/fauxhawks.

Scout Uniforms: May be worn on meeting days.

Field Trips: Standard school dress unless specified by the Administration.

Theme/Dress Up Days: Students who do not participate in theme day attire, as defined by the Administration, shall wear standard school uniform.

Physical Education: short sleeve shirt in cotton or cotton blend fabric is recommended. A pair of indoor-only tennis shoes with non-black, non-scuffing soles and securely tied laces or Velcro straps should be left at school for PE class. Recess: Recess is scheduled everyday (unless the temperature is below -10 degrees) and all students are expected to participate. Students should have appropriate winter gear including gloves/mittens, snow pants, coat and boots.

Dress Code Compliance:
The first time a student comes to school inappropriately dressed, as defined in the code, the teacher will notify the student and parents or guardians. Should a second violation occur, the Principal will be notified and a second written notice will be sent home. This notice should be signed and returned to the Principal the following school day.

In the event of a third violation, the Principal will contact the parents or guardians to make the necessary arrangements to bring the student’s dress into compliance before the child will be allowed to return to the classroom. Subsequent violations will be dealt with by the Principal and may result in the suspension of the child.